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State trooper's family in worker's comp court battle

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The family of a state trooper who committed suicide after the Norfolk Bank shootings in 2002 is nearing a heated court battle over worker’s comp claims.

A report from ktiv.com News Channel 4 details the story:

Zach committed suicide the day after five people were shot to death inside a Norfolk bank in September 2002.

He’d pulled over one of the bank shooters, Erick Vela, the week before the killings. But because Zach incorrectly entered the serial number of a concealed weapon he found, he didn’t know it was stolen.

That gun wasn’t used in the murders, but Zach believed a weapons charge might have kept Vela from taking part.

Opponents of the suit claim that the trooper killed himself out of remorse over a mistake he made. The court’s decision in this case could affect worker’s comp law for the state of Nebraska.