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Unions say electrical hazards high for workers

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UNI global union reports that there has been an recent increase in electrocution deaths among technicians at American companies, and many union leaders are pushing for employers to offer greater protection against these worksite injuries and deaths.

CWA and the IBEW have met with Verizon, AT&T and others to discuss and encourage positive changes in training, education, equipment and other areas. Their hope is that these changes will decrease the number of electrocutions among workers who spend much of their time near power lines.

An article from the UNI global union’s Web site reports:

Dave LeGrande, CWA safety and health director, said CWA fears the risk is growing in part because employers are cutting costs by hiring fewer workers and pushing existing technicians to work faster. “We are concerned that management’s productivity demands are causing some workers to cut corners and not adhere to safety procedures,” he said.